Akkail Tickets + is our brand new bespoke ticket service perfect for any event

Sell your tickets- your way!

Sell online, on the door, over the phone, or via resellers. Why limit your audience? We offer more ways to get your tickets out there!

We handle it

We deal with payment processing and send you the money. No need to wait weeks for your hard earned money.

We're on the phone

Once you start working with us, we give you your own unique box office telephone number. You can direct the number to you, answer the phone for you, or both! We can customise the service the way you like it.

Here to help

Something wrong? Our team will always be there to help. You'll have access to our support line 7 days a week.

Hands on

For an extra pair of hands on the big night, we can provide a professional, well presented front of house duo. Have one of our team join your event team to run your box office selling last minute tickets on the door and one to usher.

A Thing to Treasure

The theatre is a wonderful experience and every step of your process should add to that experience. We can provide traditional theatre tickets for your event so your audiences will have wonderful ticket stub souvenirs to take away.


We can design, print, and deliver programmes in many shapes and sizes. Our designers will work hard to capture the design you want.

Marketing Material

We can design, print, and deliver posters, flyers, banners, custom packaging, and much more! We can even provide signage, window decals, merchandise. The list goes on!

Flexible Payment

We can charge a booking fee or you can choose to absorb the fees yourself. Pretty standard if you're used to working with other ticketing services.

Bespoke Service

We will work with you to provide what you need. Don't need the whole package? No problem, you can pick and choose! No need to pay for what you don't want.

We are currently running a limited trial of this new service. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch at boxoffice@akkail.com

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