The Story

Akkail Ltd currently runs on hard work and passion, with a couple of dreams thrown in for good measure. The small team we have works long hours voluntarily owing to our lack of funds. This is, as I’m sure you can imagine, a problem. We are currently gearing up to take our show to the stage and scraping together the funds is proving quite the struggle. So, we could use some help.

We have a couple of methods for helping to support us! Firstly, you could get yourself access to exclusive images and clips in the lead up to the performance. After the performance, a number of mysterious and exciting rewards will be up for grabs.

If you represent a business, you could sponsor the show and grab yourself some lovely advertising.

Get a Reward

We have a number of rewards available for anyone that decides to chip in to make this show happen.

Sponsor Nobody Inn

Do you represent a business or organisation? You could sponsor Nobody In!

Have a look at our options.

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Us too, don’t worry, we understand.

Why not help us spread the word instead?

Fund Nobody Inn

Chip in to be entitled for a reward!

Sponsor Nobody Inn

Program Spot

An advertising spot in the program for Nobody Inn whenever we perform within the next two years.

Website Spot

An advertising spot on the website for Nobody Inn  within the next two years.

Cinematic Spot

Your business will feature in the credits of the cinematic release of Nobody Inn

Sponsored By

Your business will feature as the sponsor of Nobody Inn. This includes ‘Sponsored By’ on all posters, flyers, programs, social media posts, and all other marketing for the show.

Spread the Word

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