‘Nobody Inn’ is shaping up to be a fantastic show! However, it is time to address the production budget (or lack thereof).

‘Nobody Inn’ is going to happen, regardless of financial obstacles. We will beg, borrow, and steal (probably not that last one) to make it happen- however, we have been looking at the possibility of crowdfunding. We are weighing up our options. Kickstarter is always an attractive option due to its active user base- however, due to our low funding target, Kickstarter’s fees would considerably eat into the raised amount.

We are now considering the possibility of launching our own in-house funding platform. This would be used exclusively by us and our partners to raise funds for projects. The trade off, of course, if losing out on Kickstarter’s marketing. We’d have to rely on our own marketing. It is a risk- but we hope it’s worth it.