Audition Sides

Please feel free to have someone read in the lines of the other characters, but leaving those lines unspoken is fine.

JANE: Alright. I’ll come and help you then. 

STEPHEN: No, you stay here in the warm. Someone needs to look after Flora anyway. 

FLORA: No someone doesn’t! I am perfectly capable of looking after myself.  Probably a hell of a lot more capable than with you dopey pair trying to navigate me around. A job shared is a job halved, so both of you hop it and stop haunting me.

HYNES: There isn’t a person in this room who isn’t a suspect. Including me.

FLORA: Jesus, Mary and Joseph! He’s the killer! 

HYNES: I assure you, Mrs Flora, I have not committed a murder.

FLORA: Thank God! 

HYNES: You believe me? 

FLORA: Well- I thought I might. 

HYNES: Don’t. Why would you take me at my word?

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